How to apply

How to Join

You can now apply online to become a member of the Production Guild. Please fully read through this page before applying to join. The link to the online application form can be found at the bottom of this page.

Annual membership subscription rates 

  • Full membership - £325 per year

  • Supplementary membership - £180 per year

  • Overseas membership (exempt from the availability service) including overseas full membership - £180 per year

Application fee (non-refundable)

There is a one-off non-refundable £100 application fee for processing full and permanently employed memberships and a one-off non-refundable £40 application fee for supplementary memberships. These fees are non refundable whether or not your application is successful. 

If you are in any doubt about your eligibility we recommend you discuss your application for membership with Sham Whittaker our Membership Co-ordinator on 01753 651 767 or email her at

To find out more about the different grades of membership please see the membership grades section.

Below you will find further details about the credits and referees needed for your application.  

Full membership criteria – your credits

In order to gain full membership you must have at least three scripted feature film and/or TV drama credits in the capacity for which you are applying. The credits should be on a complete production, this will not include additional photography, demonstrating a range of skills and experiences on different types of production.

2nd unit credits may count towards your membership application as long as they were full-time and not for a short period of time only.  Post production credits might also count towards a full membership application in the same way.

Length of time working in the industry, references, experience with industry software, and periods of time out of the industry may also be taken into consideration by the membership committee when reviewing applications.

Full membership criteria – your referees

To support a full member application you will need to have three referees.  These must be people that you have directly worked for on three complete and seperate productions within the grade of membership you're applying for. (e.g. if applying as a Production Manager, your references must be from productions in which you were the PM)

Your three references should also be from your three most recent feature film and/or TV drama credits within the grade of membership you're applying for.

At least one referee must be a Production Guild member.  If you are unable to nominate three Production Guild members we will accept a maximum of two references from people you have recently worked with, who are of comparable standing to Production Guild members within the industry.

The references will help the membership committee to determine whether your experience in that role is adequate for full membership within The Production Guild.

Additional full membership criteria for specific grades

We would expect the following grades to have experience of the listed professional experience before applying for full membership:

  • Production Managers, UPMs, Line Producers and Producers - Must have experience of budgeting
  • Production Accountants - Must have experience of budgeting, payroll, petty cash, AP, and cost reporting
  • 1st ADs and 2nd ADs - Must have experience of scheduling

Membership criteria - supplementary membership applications

The process for supplementary applications is the same as full membership applications except you are asked to demonstrate just one scripted feature film or TV drama credit within the supplementary area you are applying for and to provide one referee.  

Your reference should be from your most recent feature film or TV drama credit.  The referee does not need to be a Production Guild member but they must be of comparable standing to PG members within the industry.

Length of time working in the industry, references, experience with industry software, and periods of time out of the industry may also be taken into consideration by the membership committee when reviewing applications.

The maximum time a member can spend in supplementary membership is three years, after which they will be expected to have gained enough experience for full membership. If they haven't already moved up to full membership within three years, they will then be asked to apply for it. If they do not meet the criteria for full membership, they may be asked to relinquish their membership unless there are exceptional circumstances. Each member and their circumstances will be treated on an individual basis.

Location Scouts
Those working as location scouts on feature films and/or TV drama productions may be eligible to apply for Supplementary Locations membership. If you wish do to this, please refer to the guidance about applying for supplementary membership.  As with any application, we recommend you speak to our membership co-ordinator, Sham Whittaker, before making an application | | 01753 651 767.

Applying and application process

To apply to become a member please complete the online application form by clicking the apply button at the bottom of this page.

The application form will ask you for your relevant skills and experience, your film and TV drama credits and contact details for your referees.  Please ensure you have the required number of credits and referees for the type of application you’re applying for and if you are unsure about your application in any way please speak to Sham on on 01753 651 767 or email her at

After completing your application form, you will be prompted to make payment of the application fee.  Once the application fee is submitted we will receive your completed application.

You application will then be sent to the Production Guild membership committee for their next available membership meeting.  The committee meet four times per year and we therefore process new applications quarterly.  The deadlines for applications are Feb 1st, May 1st, Aug 1st and Nov 1st annually.

If your application is successful with the membership committee, it will go before the Production Guild board for approval and we will then advise successful applicants of the category to which they have been appointed.

The process of application will usually take approx. 6 weeks depending on the return of references.