About Membership

The Production Guild is the UK’s most prestigious membership organisation for film and TV production management professionals. Our 850 members are the most experienced and well respected professionals working in film and TV drama production today.

By joining The Production Guild you will be joining a prestigious organisation that represents and supports the best in UK production.

“I am constantly finding the Production Guild to be an invaluable resource in all stages of production, providing clarity on all manner of issues.. It is equally effective in its capacity of facilitating discourse in many pressing and pertinent production issues such as their discussions with production management and unions in trying to establish a rate card for lower budget films. The Production Guild is also invaluable with their database for the membership availability"
Mark Cooper, Producer, All I See Is You, The Infiltrator, Saving Mr Banks

Benefits of membership

Improving work opportunities

As a full or supplementary member you can considerably improve your work opportunities through our availability service which is used and trusted by international and UK producers and HoDs looking for production professionals. This unique service helps productions recruit the best people for their projects.

"The Production Guild's availability service is the best resource to use when you become out of sync with your usual production team. It gives you all the information you need to initiate your search for crew on your next project. I have also used it to put my own availability down in the past as I know that it will be the first place that most producers will look when trying to find the right Financial Controller. The availability service has worked very well for me in both instances."
Dan Hillsdon, Financial Controller,
Everest, Black Sea, The Grand Budapest Hotel

“The Production Guild’s availability service helps me to recruit the best people working in film and TV – and who are available when I need them.  This in turn allows me to plan my productions far better upfront rather than have a last minute drama! " Matt O Toole, Exec Producer, Good People, Before I Go To Sleep

“The Production Guild’s availability service is invaluable when looking for experienced and talented production crew. I often need professionals at short notice with the appropriate experience working in film and TV drama production – The Production Guild always comes up trumps” Emily Barttelot, Ecosse Films, Girls Night Out, Diana, The Great Fire

Find out more about how our availability service can help with your production career.

Keeping up to date with UK production news

As a member you will also have access through our website to all UK film and television productions in prep and development, detailing production management, crew, contact details, locations, shooting dates, production companies, budgets and any further information where applicable.

Being a Production Guild member ensures you are tapped into UK production news - you will receive advice and information on all current legal, financial, fiscal, and commercial developments within the US, UK and European production environments.

You also have the opportunity to attend seminars, screenings and events covering on a wide range of production issues free of charge and enhance your network of business contacts.

"As a member based mainly outside mainland UK, I find The Production Guild’s resources invaluable for staying in touch with what’s happening with productions in London and elsewhere in the UK, as well as keeping up to date on all the industry guidelines"

Alison O'Leary, Financial Controller, Game of Thrones, Seasons 2, 3 and 4

See a comprehensive list of full Production Guild membership benefits

If you would like to join the Production Guild please read our How to Apply Online section.  In order to gain full membership you must have at least three credits in the capacity for which you are applying. For supplementary membership you will need one credit.

If you have any queries regarding membership please do not hesitate to contact us at the Production Guild office at pg@productionguild.com or telephone 00 44 (0)1753 651767.