• Avengers: Age Of Ultron

    Erica Bensly Unit Production Manager
    Nick Laws Unit Production Manager
    Michael Sharp Unit Production Manager
    Hannah Godwin Production Supervisor
    Pamela Joyce Production Co-ordinator
    Helen Swanwick-Thorpe Assistant Production Co-ordinator
    Jamie Lengyel Supervising Location Manager
    Aurelia Thomas Location Manager
    Benjamin Greenacre Location Manager
    Kevin Jenkins Studio Unit Manager
    Jay Rosenwink Production Accountant
    Fiona McLaren 1st Assistant Accountant
    Samantha Warham (Nee Beddoe) Key Assistant Accountant
  • Cinderella (2015)

    Tim Lewis Executive Producer
    David Barron Producer
    Steven Harding Unit Production Manager
    Katie Reynolds Post Production Supervisor
    Katherine Tibbetts Production Supervisor
    William Dodds 1st Assistant Director
    Richard Daldry Production Co-ordinator
    Ella Daines-Smith Assistant Co-ordinator
    Emma Pill Location Manager
    Tom Crooke Location Manager
    Celeste Talaszek Production Accountant
    Celeste Talaszek Post Production Accountant
    Rebecca Wolf 1st Assistant Accountant
  • Jupiter Ascending

    Michael Sharp Unit Production Manager
    Neil Ravan Production Unit Manager
    Damian Anderson Production Supervisor
    Gareth Tandy 1st Assistant Director
    Pamela Joyce Production Co-ordinator
    Jamie Lengyel Supervising Location Manager
    Aurelia Thomas Location Manager
    Kevin Jenkins Studio Unit Manager
    Gary Nixon Production Accountant
    Karin Mercurio Production Accountant
    Lisa-Kim Ling Kuan Production Accountant
    James Broom Post Production Accountant
    Sabbir Ahmed Key Assistant Accountant
  • Mr Selfridge (Series 3)

    Veronica Barnett PG Assistant Accountant Trainee
    Ben Rimmer Co-Producer
    Heather Stewart Production Co-ordinator
    Sofia Guiotto Production Secretary
    Kate Eldridge Accounts Trainee
  • The Theory of Everything

    Richard Hewitt Co-Producer
    Alison Banks Unit Production Manager
    Stella Scott Assets and Green Co-ordinator
    Camilla Stephenson Supervising Location Manager
    David Campbell-Bell Location Manager
    Craig Barwick Production Accountant
    Jane Trower 1st Assistant Accountant
    Valerie Rosewell 2nd Assistant Accountant
    Alyson Ripo Cashier / Accounts Assistant
    Joshua Benedetti Location Scout
  • Ex Machina

    Sara Desmond Unit Production Manager
    Ella Daines-Smith Assistant Production Co-ordinator
    Nuala Alen-Buckley Production Accountant
    Daniel Budd 1st Assistant Accountant
    Tim Orlik Assistant Accountant
  • The Imitation Game

    Suzie Shearer Production Manager
    David Broder Supervising Location Manager
    Richard George Location Manager
    Dianne Twiddy Financial Controller
    Kelly Johnson 1st Assistant Accountant
    Paul Tomlinson Assistant Location Manager
    Jonathon Lawrence Location Assistant
  • Into the Woods

    Callum McDougall Producer
    Angus More Gordon Co-Producer / Unit Production Manager
    Hannah Godwin Production Supervisor
    Kelly Lee Production Co-ordinator
    Kelly Lee Assistant Production Co-ordinator
    Ali James Supervising Location Manager
    Charlie Hayes Location Manager
    Helen Seery Production Accountant
    Helen Seery Production Accountant
    Dougal Cadiou Production Accountant
    Elaine Stephenson Assistant Accountant
    Devis Damonte Assistant Accountant
    Beryl Brown Senior Assistant Accountant

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